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Diwali gifts that work at work:
Order corporate diwali gifts from Brownsalt Bakery


Diwali is the festival of lights, love and laughter. People across India wish each other all the success and prosperity for the year ahead. And of course, it’s always said with a beautiful Diwali gift. 


The tradition of gifting, however, doesn’t stop at only individuals. Employers also seek to convey their good wishes to everyone they work with through corporate Diwali gifts. This is considered a thoughtful gesture, demonstrating that the organization cares for its employees. Corporate Diwali gifts also play a pivotal role in maintaining camaraderie in existing business relationships and nurturing goodwill in prospective ones. So picking the right gift is a decision that deserves a lot of thought and care. 


At Brownsalt Bakery, our corporate Diwali gifts are handcrafted from scratch and can also be customised to suit your needs. So, if you’re looking to make your work peers and colleagues feel special this Diwali, read on to know more about our gifting ideas.   


Diverse Delicacies  

Our selection of corporate Diwali gifts offer you a wide range of scrumptious products to choose from. These include crunchy cookies in a variety of flavors, handcrafted artisanal granola, honey-infused jars, nut mixes and much more. Every creation is made by hand, from scratch, with the finest ingredients and a careful attention to detail. These corporate Diwali gifts are sure to delight the palate and win over the heart, be it a client, employee or professional peer. 


Unboxing Delight

We understand how important it is to strike the right chord with corporate Diwali gifts for employees. That’s why we pay special attention to not just what’s inside our Diwali gift box, but what’s outside as well. Our creatively-designed Diwali gift box adds the sparkle and color everyone is looking forward to in this festive season. Unboxing the corporate Diwali gifts becomes that much more exciting. You can also choose to add a personalised touch with a note or some special packaging to these Diwali gifts for employees, clients and more.


Create your own Corporate Diwali Gifts  


Nothing says you care like a customized gift. That’s why we suggest you take this opportunity to pick out your client’s favorites, keeping their preferences in mind and create a special Diwali gift box to further strengthen your business and professional relationships. We would be delighted to help you choose exactly the right corporate Diwali gifts to go out on behalf of your company.


A touch of flowers

To make your corporate Diwali gifts truly special for a select few clients or top-performing employees, send a bouquet of flowers along with our Diwali gift box. Trust us, the gesture will be deeply appreciated by anyone who receives this heartwarming Diwali gift. 


Discover Corporate Diwali Gifts like never before


Our gifting ideas go from classic to eclectic, covering a spectrum of flavours and tastes, so as to offer you the right choices as corporate Diwali gifts. From cookies in several delicious flavours to almond biscotti, from delicious caramelized walnuts to nut and seed mix, from green tea to honey-infused nut jars, from scrumptious granola to exotic chocolate bark and a lot more. We give you more than 20 choices for Diwali gift boxes with an option to customize them further. So upgrade your corporate Diwali gifts from traditional, heavy sweets. Offer your professional circle a healthier, lighter and more unique gift that they can never resist. 


Beyond Corporate Diwali Gifts

Who says you always need a festival to indulge in gifting in the work space? Corporate gifting today extends way beyond just Diwali gifts for employees, clients, and customers. Congratulating a star-performer, welcoming a new joinee, bidding adieu to a colleague and many more occasions lend themselves to be the perfect gifting opportunities. And what better gift than a gift of sweets? At Brownsalt Bakery, we add a delicious touch to your celebrations with not just our gift boxes. If you live in Mumbai, you can even indulge in our freshly-baked celebration cakes, tea cakes, madeleines and more. 


More festivities, more corporate gifts

While you can explore a wide range of corporate Diwali gifts for employees, clients, and associates with us, you can also choose to celebrate other festivals like Christmas, New Year, Women’s Day, and employees’ birthdays with our gift options. Easy to order on our website and delivered to your doorstep by our efficient delivery partners. 


A hassle-free, seamless gifting experience 

Over the past few years, we have been established as a trusted and reliable enterprise with a strong online presence. We strive to ensure that our customers have a satisfying and secure online buying experience. So when you choose to send a Diwali gift for employees from our collection, you can rest assured about its quality as well as delivery. 


A no-rush gifting option

Sometimes, finding the time to go shopping physically can be near impossible. At Brownsalt Bakery, we assure you of a quick and easy online transaction as well as timely delivery of your corporate Diwali gifts. Just check the zip code to confirm the date of delivery and order your gift box without a doubt. 


Gifting across India

Our strong and reliable delivery network enables us to send  Diwali gift boxes to your preferred location in Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad among other cities and towns. So sit back, send and receive corporate Diwali gifts all over India from Brownsalt bakery. We always strive to serve you with the best, so that you can spread the joy to every corner of the country.